Jan 6, 2013
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Looking back at the year in comic books

Another day, another recap!

It’s time to dive into the four-colour world of comic books and take a look  the best of the best from a pretty solid year.

Top Twelve Titles of 2012
X-O Manowar
Swamp Thing/Animal Man (they’re so linked that I had to make them a joint entry)
Green Lantern
Winter Soldier
Captain Marvel
Secret Avengers
Thief of Thieves

Miniseries of the Year
Winner: Memorial
My friend Kristin recommended the title to me and I’m SO glad she did. Thanks, K!

Writer of the Year
Winner: Scott Snyder
His work on Batman and Swamp Thing  makes Scott my pick as repeat winner of this award. It wasn’t an easy win, as Brian K. Vaughan returned to comics with the amazingly awesome Saga and Geoff Johns continues to kill it on Aquaman.

Artist of the Year
Winner: Ivan Reis
Look at any of his Aquaman issues and you’ll know why I made this pick. Fiona Staples and Greg Capullo were also both in the mix after their killer years on Saga and Batman, respectively.

Surprise of the Year
Winner: Captain Marvel
I’ve been a fan of Carol Danvers for years, but Kelly Sue DeConnick has penned Carol better than anyone I’ve ever read. Keep up the awesome work, Kelly Sue!

Story Arc of the Year
Winner: The Court/Night of Owls and Death of the Family
I said it last year, but it bears repeating: this is Scott Snyder’s world…we just live here.

Publisher of the Year
Winner: Valiant Comics
No, really. The Summer of Valiant was brilliant. Everything the reborn company published in 2012, and I do mean everything, was wonderful. I can’t wait to see what they do for an encore in 2013.

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